Show Off Your Geekiness – Geek Pride Challenge!

Fellow geeks, it’s time to wave your geek flag proudly.  May 25 marks Geek Pride Day, and coincides with the theatrical release of the first Star Wars movie.  But, if you’re a Star Wars geek, you knew that. It also happens to be Towel Day–if you don’t know what that relates to, ask a geek friend who knows The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

Geeks come in many varieties – puzzle cubes, crosswords, word nerds, computer, sci-fi, comic books, action figures, music, movies, photo, video games, trivia…anything you can get overly enthusiastic about and know an inordinate amount about could make you a geek.  And we think that’s a great thing.

So, for Geek Pride Day, stand up and claim your geekdom before the world.  And feed your inner geek!  We’ll start by showing off just a few of our Marbles geeks (more to come!).

Ben & Dan – Juggling Geekery

You might recognize this pair from our catapult video.  Meet Ben and Dan, showing off their juggling skills in our warehouse.

They came prepared with a whole box of items to juggle, and we were impressed with how good they were juggling separately and together.  Awesome geek skills!


Elisabeth – Literally Waving Her Geek Flags

Meet Elisabeth; a flag geek.  What’s that?  Well, Elisabeth decided one day that she just wanted to learn the flag that goes with each country.

Her brother made her these flash cards to help, and she set about to learn them all.

We love learning for the sake of learning – it definitely pushes you into the geek club.



Spot the Computer Geek

Can you even find our last geek here?  Buried deep in a room filled with technology, James works away, keeping us and our stores online.

It’s tough to see in this picture, but he gets extra bonus geek points for sporting an Ubuntu hat.


Geek Pride Challenge

Show off your obsession to enter the Geek Pride Challenge for your chance to snag a Geekbox – six mind-bending wooden puzzle cubes in one.  Entering is quick and easy:

  1. Snap a picture of your geeky obsession.  It could be a picture of you doing your geek thing, or a quick pic of your collection.  If you’re a word nerd or the like and it’s tough to get a picture, you can post a quote or a line about what your obsession is.
  2. Enter the contest below by posting it to our Facebook page, tweet it to us (include @thebrainstore and #geekpride in your tweet), or post a link in the comments below.

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3 Responses to Show Off Your Geekiness – Geek Pride Challenge!

  1. Orrin says:

    Messing about with my mischievous magic cards.

  2. Katje Sabin says:

    Sorry I didn’t see this soon enough. I met my husband at a juggling club meeting, and we’ve gone on to run several juggling festivals (including the big IJA one!). But my personal geekery is braiding hair (

    By the way, the Rafflecopter thing is really buggy and a PITA. Hope you ditch it soon!

  3. angie says:

    Hi Katje,
    Sorry you missed this challenge and we hope you’ll enter in the future! We haven’t run into any other issues with Rafflecopter – if you could, just email me at and let me know what problem you ran into with it. Thanks!

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