Nostalgic Games Connect to Memories

“Oh, I loved playing this as a kid!”

“This game reminds me of my grandpa.”

“Do you remember that game we used to play…?”

These are some phrases we hear often in our stores. Games remind us of our childhood as well as our loved ones like parents or grandparents. We have very vivid memories of our favorite toys and games.  I can list them off for each era of my childhood.  Some of my favorites as a young child were the Fisher Price Castle, my Easy Bake Oven and Grover (who went everywhere with me)

I was an only child so most of playtime was alone, but I had many cousins that I would see and we played lots of games.  Monopoly, Life, checkers and Mousetrap were the standards.  Hours of the day or evening were spent playing games.  It seemed like we could just play forever.  Some of these game marathons took place sprawled out on the living room floor at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house.  I can still see the cuckoo clock over the mantelpiece, the bookshelves that held old books like the Tarzan series and Trixie Belden, and the giant picture window that showed an amazing view of the Smokey Mountains.  These are obviously very strong memories for me and I am sure you have your own.   It surprises me how strongly the games figure into these images.

Our Chief Merchant likes to bring in games and puzzles that many of us remember from childhood or that remind us of those products. I love watching parents or grandparents show their children something they used to play as a kid like Shoot the Moon, which has been around for generations.  One of my best store memories was when a mom revealed to her kids that she had been a yo-yo champion as a child.  She wowed the entire store with her amazing skills. Her kids saw her in a completely new light.  She was cool!

It makes me think about the games that children are playing now, and if their memories of them will be as fond.  One of the reasons we like to create and carry quality games is that we hope you will pass them on to your children, grandchildren and nieces and nephews.  So give a gift that can make a great childhood memory.

Share one of your childhood game memories in the comments.


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3 Responses to Nostalgic Games Connect to Memories

  1. Ken says:

    Here are the toys I loved to play with…
    Lincoln Logs
    American Bricks (I think that was the name)
    Erector Set
    My chemistry set (don’t know the name)
    Frisbee (of course)
    Slinky (of course2)
    Paper airplane (designed our own)

    And probably a few I can’t remember…

  2. Deane says:

    Stadium Checkers, jump rope (double dutch), and jacks. I was the neighborhood jacks champion. :) And I had a weather station that inspired my life long interest in weather.

  3. Eric says:

    Contructs were my favorite toy and Clue was my favorite game.

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