It’s All in Good Pun

A man noticed a pun contest online, so he submitted his best ten puns.  He checked back when the contest was over to see if he won, but unfortunately, no pun in ten did.

Puns have been called the lowest form of humor, and a plateau is the highest form of flattery.  We groan, but puns still make us laugh.  As Edgar Alan Poe pointed out, “Of puns it has been said that those who most dislike them are those who are least able to utter them.”

Puns challenge the language center in your brain, working the parts that are involved with understanding language.  And jokes, whether puns or not, stimulate the parts of the brain associated with positive rewards.

So let the pun begin!  Jest because of Saturday’s O. Henry Pun Off, we’re asking for your most groan-worthy puns.  Click below to get started – you can enter them in the comments, leave them on our Facebook page, or tweet us (include @thebrainstore and #pun in your message).

You could win a copy of The Pun Also Rises.  And like the dog who went to the flea circus, you’ll steal the show.

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22 Responses to It’s All in Good Pun

  1. Mckenzie says:

    The duck’s family hosted an intervention to help him get off quack.

  2. molson says:

    If you can’t find the things you want at Marbles, you’ve probably lost them.

  3. Kyle says:

    My pet pig had something stuck in his nose. I looked in and found a hambooger.

  4. Jeremy says:

    The cheese farmer couldn’t make his delivery because he lost his whey.

  5. Lisa says:

    I’d love to share this book with my kids, but if this pun doesn’t win it’s ok becauzygote lots more where this came from.

  6. Lynne says:

    What does the mother Buffalo say to her child as he goes off to school?

  7. Carmen says:

    Although I usually don’t fall hook, line, and sinker for fishy-sounding contests, I decided to enter this one for the halibut, figuring that on a scale of one to ten, someone might like my puns. Usually, the reaction, is that these crabby people get sick to the gills, and tell me to clam up with my crappie jokes, and hit the pike because I’m giving them a haddock and making them eel. Other times, they try, on porpoise mind you, to mussel in on my action. Very rarely, do I attract groupies who are perched on the edge of their seat with baited breath. This might sound like a whale of story to you, but if I win, the world will be my oyster and perhaps I will no longer be PUNished to No Man. Holy Mackerel, Where is no man, you ask? No man is an Island.

  8. Judy says:

    A Frenchwoman asked her husband if he would like a second helping of breakfast, to which he replied, “No thank you, one egg is un oeuf.”

  9. Scott says:

    Just at dawn, I am awakened by the son.
    He reminds me that it is Rob’s birthday.
    I need a gift so I am present at the store, down below the galley.
    I find what I want and I have it in my hold.
    I can’t go overboard for Rob, so I hold on tight and pay the price.
    Rob’s presence is required to enjoy the birthday so I decide to ship.
    By dusk, I’m with Rob’s presence.
    We greet each other and sail along the path made by the son.

  10. Gordo says:

    A woman at work had a hairy cat with diabetes so she had to give him a daily insulin shot. One day she had the hypodermic needle into the cat’s neck when the animal spooked and ran away with needle still stuck. I wonder: Was that the furry with the syringe on top?

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  12. Bob says:

    A Buddhist went up to a hot dog vendor and said: “Make me one with everything”.

  13. Ryan says:

    Wow Carmen… lol!

  14. Dan S. says:

    My father is a master punner and has raised me on puns. This would be a great gift for him! Here’s a few for your consideration:

    (1) What happens when Jonathan Toews falls on the ice? Blackhawk down!
    (2) What do you call an amazing sunhat? A super-visor.
    (3) What do you call a dwarfed psychic who has escaped prison? A small medium at large.
    (4) A conversation between cheeses: Hello, havarti? I’m gouda!
    () Gandhi was known to often walk barefoot. Some even dared to say that when he fasted, he also refused to brush his teeth. I suppose this made him a super-calloused-fragile-mystic-plagued-with-halitosis!

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  16. Susan Babyk says:

    Is a learned person who plays with words a pundit?

  17. Susan Babyk says:

    Sometimes I can’t help myself when a groaner crosses my mind — you might say I have a compunction.

  18. Stephanie says:

    The amorous Frenchman said to the Englishwoman, “Je t’adore,” to which she primly replied, “I prefer it open, thank you.”

  19. Tim says:

    What kind of car do you find in a nose? A Sinata.

  20. heather says:

    I used to eat all natural foods until I heard that most people die of natural causes.

  21. Rob says:

    Once I went to a gallery with a friend. As we gazed upon all the artwork, he stated “A picture is worth a thousand words”. How unfortunate I thought. Some dictionaries are worth $5.

  22. Rob says:

    My teacher told me to proceed to lesson 6. I replied “5, 4, 3, 2, 1…”

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