Mother’s Day Action Plan

It’s Mother’s Day – did you remember to get a gift and a card?  What do you plan to do to make your wife’s day special?

I am a bit of a computer nerd (read major computer geek) and I have Google Hot Trends on my browser homepage.  It shows the most searched terms for the day, which gives a somewhat nerdy overview of what’s going on in the world on that day.

Every Mother’s Day I notice a trend.  Early in the morning, the searches are about “how to make pancakes,” “how to make scrambled eggs,” etc.  Then it turns to “IHOP locations” – I guess breakfast didn’t quite work out.  Then later still, “Mother’s Day printable cards,” “Mother’s day e-cards.”  For some strange reason, I don’t notice this type of trend on Father’s Day, but I won’t draw any conclusions about that fact.

In response to this seeming widespread panic over last-minute Mother’s Day preparations, we put together a little action plan to help.  Just follow our handy flowchart, and you’re well on your way to a fun and happy Mother’s Day for you and your family.

Get the Smart Dads’ Mother’s Day Emergency Action Plan


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