Happy Secretaries’ Day – Top 5 Gifts to Say Thanks

They answer phones, direct correspondence, book conference rooms, manage offices, and make life just a little bit easier for the harried executive. Today being Secretaries’ Day, why not show them how much you appreciate all of their contributions by getting them a brain-boosting desktop device?

Here are our top 5 suggestions to make your secretary, receptionist, or assistant know how valued they are, all available at Marbles: The Brain Store.


1)      The Daily Brain Perpetual Calendar

This spiral-bound desktop calendar is perpetual; in other words, it’s not tied to a specific year, and there is a different brain-teasing challenge puzzle on each day’s page.

With puzzles that cover a diverse variety of cognitive challenges, from Word Skill challenges to Visual Perception games, each day will bring a new challenge to the owner—just by turning the page.



2)      Cubebot

This flexible, bendable “Cubicle guardian” will keep you company and watch over those important papers and presentations.

And when you’re in need of a change, just fold, twist, spin, and manipulate Cubebot until he’s in the pose you like—or fold him back into the original cube he came in! Who wouldn’t mind a desktop companion that’s a wooden robot?



3)      Posh Crossword & Sudoku Books

The Posh line of brainteaser games is an excellent gift for the assistant who likes to use that mythical downtime to sharpen cognitive skills.

In addition to the basic crossword and Sudoku puzzles, try to challenge their synapses with the all-inclusive Brain Games book, or Logic Puzzle collection.





4)      Buckyballs & Buckycubes

The ultimate desktop/breakroom toy is also a great way to relieve stress, enhance creativity, explore geometric patterns, and just have fun with dexterity and coordination.

Buckyballs have always been one of the best-selling items in our stores, and we understand why. There are several different colors to choose from, and the Blue edition can only be found at Marbles: The Brain Store!



5)      MTBS Online Gift Certificates

Sometimes you just can’t choose, and we have so many awesome, brain-boosting products that we carry that it can be difficult to choose just one. Leave the choice up to them by purchasing an online Gift Certificate. The best thing about them is that the confirmation code is emailed right to the recipient, so they can begin shopping right away!

It’s the perfect thing if you….um…..happen to have forgotten to get them anything this year!



Whether you work in a small start-up or are one of thousands in a huge multinational concern, you can honor those who keep their offices running by giving a little gift on Secretaries Day. And if you’re self-employed, you probably handle all of your own administrative tasks. All the more reason to reward and treat that brain with everything we have to offer at Marbles: The Brain Store.

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