Happy Birthday William Shakespeare

William ShakespeareI write this post with thoughts both clear and dim;
Like searching through the clutter on a whim.

Today we celebrate a man whose fame
Echoes through the years yet still stays the same.
Th’immortal bard, William Shakespeare, you see
Whose mastery of language cannot be
Overestimated; his poetry
And plays have moved the world most splendidly.

‘Tis a trivial fact, but didst thou know
The day he was born and began to grow
Is the very same day his breath did stop
Only 52 years from base to top.
That ‘tis the measure of his life’s purview—
(A curious word, to mine ears quite new.)

For one can learn so much from the man;
There is no need to even be a fan
Of highbrow drama, tragedy sublime,
Forsooth—it helps, though. If you have the time
Today has been decreed a day
For talking like him:  ev’ry thing thou say

Should sound Shakespearean; it does not need
To rhyme or be in verse like plant from seed
Once thou begin your play with words shall grow
This helps, remember: write on what you know.

But if thou seekst to build your vocab more
We’ve what you need at Marbles The Brain Store
Our section that doth deal with Skills of Word
Has what thou need to make thine voice be heard.

A wonderful collection of word games
Become a Word Wonder will place thy name’s
Position at the head of ev’ry class
And if this boastful claim should come to pass
Cerebral strength will keep thy mind limber
And thy sound  will have a pleasing timbre.

Perhaps thou need a guide to help one find
The word (which found) will give one peace of mind.
We’ve just the thing: it’s called Build Your Power
: it’s the book o’th’hour.
With tools and quizzes helpful and unique
Shows you words from both Latin and Greek

As helpful as your own private tutor
This book will show just what each word’s for.
This monologue, composed of rhyming verse
Has been for me a blessing—not a curse.
Become a Word Wonder:  http://www.marblesthebrainstore.com/word-wonder

Build Your Power Vocabulary:  http://www.marblesthebrainstore.com/build-your-power-vocabulary

Talk Like Shakespeare Day:  http://www.talklikeshakespeare.org

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