Happy Earth Day – How Will You Celebrate?

Pollution isn’t a fun problem, but we do have some fun ways you can celebrate Earth Day and  help make our world a better place through recycling and conservation.

Makedo Find & Make Robot Kit

If you’re an average American, you contribute about 56 pounds a year of garbage to our nation’s landfills.  Nearly 30% of what’s in landfills is paper – most of that could have been recycled.

So find a local recycling center, or join your community’s curbside recycling program and lower the amount of paper that ends up in landfills.  And again, have some fun with the paper that might otherwise go into the trash with a fun project from Marbles: The Brain Store.

Where you see an empty toothpaste box, yogurt container and old box of corn flakes, I see a fun little robot friend  The Makedo Find & Make Robot Kit comes with step-by-step directions and all the reusable clips and hinges you need to build your very own eco-friendly robot family with recyclable materials you find around the house.

Smooth Sailing with Uberstix

About 150,000 tons of plastic debris, mainly water bottles, wind up on the shores of Japan each year.  Add to that all of the other shores as well as the Texas-sized Great Pacific Garbage Patch found between California and Hawaii that’s largely made up of plastic waste – it’s not a fun problem.

There are a few things you can do to help solve this problem.  The easiest is to choose tap or filtered water in a reusable container.  But sometimes that isn’t totally practical.  So second, reuse or recycle those disposable water bottles.  And we have a fun way to reuse them, which is the only way we’d like to see them in our waterways.

The Uberstix sailboat repurposes your water bottles into build-it-yourself sailboat made from recycled parts.  As part of the Science Project Series, a 3 to 4 hour lab sheet lesson plan is included that teaches the basics of sailing and the function of the keel and rudder. You can also modify your boat to create your own design; single hull, catamarans, trihulls. Uberstix are the first building sets that reward recycling and offer a fun approach to teaching about green living.

These are just a couple examples of the earth-friendly fun to be had – check out our full Earth Day selection, get a FREE reusable shopping bag with each online purchase today at Marbles: The Brain Store, and have fun saving our planet!



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