The V-Cube 3 is Here!

V-Cube 3Cubes, or “Twisty Puzzles”, are among the most popular of our Coordination games, and are many people’s introduction to the world of puzzles. Indeed, the granddaddy of them all, the Rubik’s Cube, is widely considered to be the world’s best-selling toy. We’ve always loved innovation, and when Greek engineer Panagiotis Verdes patented and released his V-Cube 5 in 2008, Marbles was able to showcase them in our stores. Since then, his company Verdes Innovations has produced a multitude of variations, including the V-Cube 7, the V-Cube 2, and now the V-Cube 3.

Whether you are new to cube puzzles or have been collecting and competing in speed tournaments for years, the V-Cube 3’s innovations will be intriguing and worth adding to your shelf. To start with, the sides are slightly curved, or “pillowed” which allow one to see the colors on sides not facing the player much easier. Many BrainCoaches agree that the pillowed edges fit nicely in one’s hand, and are simply more aesthetically pleasing.

Another innovation worth mentioning is the smoothness of the mechanics of the V-Cube. Whereas the original Rubik’s Cube came out of the box stiff, and needed to be “broken in”(indeed, there is even special lubricant designed for oiling the cube’s gears one can purchase),  the V-Cube comes out of the box ready for play and has a smooth flow to its design that increases the tempo of its possible moves and makes for much better practice for anyone interested in speed-solving, or breaking one’s own previous record.

Another great aspect of the V-Cube is that its design may actually make it easier to solve; not that there are shortcuts involved, but in this age of YouTube channels and video tutorials anyone can do an online search and within minutes be directed to a multitude of video demos showing you the various algorithms that help in solving this most perplexing of puzzles.

Marbles is proud to introduce our customers and fans to the newest member of the V-Cube family, the V-Cube 3×3!

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And for the traditionalist, for a limited time we also offer on our website the original:×3

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