How to Make a Cowboy Take a Bath

Howdy fellow Brainoids!

Winslow here from the Marbles Brain Workshop, where we are workin’ hard on figurin’ out how to get this darn cowboy to take a bath!

How to get a cowboy to take a bath is quite the feat, it turns out.  My fellow ranch hand, James, and I have come up with a surefire way to get him clean though.  We have spent long days out on the range cookin’ up a plan, but it sure as heck wasn’t easy!

We had to get ourselves educated. Columbia College Chicago, in fact, where we were kindly introduced to the fine folks of Marbles.  The brainoids at Marbles worked with us for weeks at a time, sometimes we’d go days without sleep.  Sketchin’, prototypin’, then more sketchin’.

Our ol’ buddy Rube Goldberg gave us lots of inspiration.  His inventions were mainly about accomplishin’ something simple through a complex chain reaction. With the smarts we had gained, we saddled up our horses and went back out west.

Back on the ranch, James and I began buildin’ a ginormous contraption.  We built a mountain that had endless tunnels, filled with twistin’ and turnin’ tracks used by the mining carts.  Our pet rattlesnake, Lucy, even wanted to help out. And you wouldn’t believe if I told you, but we had to gather an entire bunch of cacti from the great state of Texas to get this cowboy to change his trousers.

Our professor back at Columbia College Chicago had informed us that Marbles was goin’ to host a good ol’ fashioned competition with our fellow classmates, with the prize being a hefty $500! Boy howdy, were our boots dancin’ with excitement.

After 15 weeks of hardwork cuttin’, gluin’, nailin’, bailin’, and chicken wailin’, we put on our finest denim tuxedoes and rode into town.  The city slickers over at Marbles sure did like our presentation and we got 2nd place! Along with that great prize, James and I were offered an internship in the big city.  There we plan to work with the rest of the Brain Workshop to polish up our contraption and get it ready to be sold at Marbles!  Stay tuned, as soon, you too will find out how to get a cowboy to take a bath. Giddy up!

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2 Responses to How to Make a Cowboy Take a Bath

  1. Donna Maxwell says:

    Winslow, I am so proud of you! And not because I’m your mother. But, that helps! :) Your blog is very funny, very Texan, to the point, and makes a reader want to hear more about the game you & James have developed. Keep the blogs coming on the progress of the game. I can’t wait to play it!

  2. Scott says:

    These guys must be hanging out at the Narley Dude Ranch.

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