Update from the Marbles Brain Workshop!

Who knew that Labyrinth had such a rich past?  I wanted to find out more about where the labyrinth originated so I began reading, not realizing I was about to be taken on a historical and fantastical journey from Greek mythology to Herodotus’ Egyptian labyrinth to the hedge mazes of the Renaissance to David Bowie’s Goblin King… just kidding! But seriously, the concept of a labyrinth, in one form or another, has perpetuated history and pop culture for some time, and the Marbles Brain Workshop wanted to introduce a different version to the brainy community.

Marbles’ Labyrinth consists of a board with 2 control knobs that tilt the playing surface of a few different labyrinth mazes.  Learning to control the motion of the marble will work your dexterity skills as you twist and turn the game board, moving the marble from point A to point B; avoid the treacherous holes or you’ll have to start anew.   This is definitely a game that fulfills the Marbles dictum “Seconds to learn, Years to master”.

Here in the Workshop, Josh has been fiddling away at these labyrinth mazes for hours to concoct the perfect mix of challenging yet exciting (and functional) designs.

Perhaps you will master one map, but you’ll have a few more to go before you can say you’re a true Labyrinth guru. On top of improving your dexterous abilities, Labyrinth will improve players’ coordination as your eyes communicate with your hands and vice versa.  This game has been in the works for quite some time now, so stay keenly tuned for the release of Marbles Labyrinth!

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4 Responses to Update from the Marbles Brain Workshop!

  1. V. Barratt says:

    When are you going to have a store in Florida- specifically, Orlando?

  2. Kristin says:

    I am so thrilled to see that you are working on this! I have been looking for a replacement for the Brio Labyrinth I played with as a kid. All that is currently on the market is poorly constructed, cheap immitations with glue in the corners and sticky knobs. PLEASE create a quality product – I, and many others I know, will gladly pay for it!

  3. nataliebrown says:

    We are focusing our expansion this year on the west coast, and will be opening stores in L.A., San Francisco, and Seattle! We hope to get down to Florida next year though! We will keep our blog and Facebook updated with where our new store opening are going to be so keep checking back!

  4. Ebeth says:

    Nice David Bowie reference.

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