From Marbles Brain Workshop: JuggleFit

Chrissy writing to you from inside the Marbles Brain Workshop, where we are hard at fun testing our JuggleFit Kit, set to arrive in Marbles stores this summer!

Marbles is excited to be working with Heather Wolf, creator and owner of JuggleFit LLC, a company that encourages people to “Juggle their way to fitness”.  Through a series of instructional DVD’s, Heather teaches, step by step, how to exercise both body and mind in a fresh fun way.

As with all of the products sold in Marbles stores, this Juggling kit was chosen because it is both fun and offers some major brain health benefits.  According to a study published by PLoS One Science Journal, “Learning three-ball cascade juggling [is] associated with a transient and highly selective increases in brain gray matter in the occipito-temporal cortex.”  In other words, learning to Juggle improves your motor skills and strengthens the part of your brain which processes information!

Juggling is also a fun form of cardio exercise that can be done practically anywhere.  Use this kit at home while you are watching your favorite programs, bring it to the office to relieve stress during the workday, or become the life of any party.  Before you know it, you will be burning up to 280 calories per hour while having fun!

Marbles’ JuggleFit Kit is set to include 3 juggling scarves, 3 high quality juggling balls, and the “Juggle Your Way to Fitness” beginner level DVD.  Each of these components were hand selected by our Brain Workshop team after rigorous testing, juggling competitions,and a few dropped balls.  The simple tutorial provides even the least coordinated Jugglers with the skills they will need to develop their talents and impress their friends and family.

So watch for the JuggleFit Kit to land on Marbles shelves later this year and get ready to Juggle your way to physical and mental fitness!

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  1. Nicole Beurkens says:

    Juggling is great for improving all kinds of thinking and motor skills. Can’t wait to see this kit in your stores later this year!
    -Nicole Beurkens, PhD
    Licensed Psychologist

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