Braindrops and Brain Cubes

Calling all Rubik’s Cube fans! Come one, come all for the very first Brain Cube – a game not of color-coordination but of sensory perception.  This Cube will work your somatosensory system as you arrange the gyri (ridges) and sulci (grooves) toward a perfectly ridged brain.  It may sound like a daunting task considering there are upwards of fourty-three quintillion arrangements of the tradition 3x3x3 cube but realize that you will be exposing your brain to new ways of recognizing patterns and tactile perception.

Marbles Brain Workshop commissioned Jason Freeny, an excruciatingly talented anatomical-modeler-meets-vinyl-doll sculptor to sculpt the very first Brain Cube; take a look at his method of hacking and recreating this masterpiece!

So, while waiting for Brain Cube’s release later this summer check out the rest of our awesomely algorithmic acquisitions like; the V-Cube 2, V-Cube 5, V-Cube 7, or refresh your memory on how to master Erno Rubiks’ great invention with The Cube.

Moving onto another product to be launched this year, I introduce Braindrops! What are braindrops? I’d compare them to reusable spitballs without the spit or maybe a mini-water balloon is a better comparison. Either way they will be a great addition to da Vinci’s Catapult or any invention in Mini-Weapons of Mass Destruction.  Simply drop your Braindrops into a bowl of water, watch as they expand and voila you’ve got yourself a round of harmless yet hilarious ammunition – fire up! Have any ideas on ways to use Braindrops, shout ‘em out on our Facebook page!

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