Oscar Trivia!

Every year I make the mad dash to see as many Oscar nominated films as I can. I love all of the excitement leading up to the big night. January and February are filled with a glut of amazing performances to watch. Like many people, I pick my favorites, but also try to predict the Academy’s choices. The 84th Academy Awards will air tonight, so we thought we would celebrate with some Oscar trivia. See how many you can answer without looking them up online!

1. Who holds the record for receiving the most Oscars?

2. In what year were the Oscars first held?

3. What object does Billy Crystal always carry in his pocket when he hosts the Academy Awards?

4. What three movies hold the record for the most Oscars (11)?

5. What Academy Award winning director directed both his father and his daughter in Oscar winning performances?

6. Name the current record holders for most nominations in the Best Actor and Best Actress categories.

7. The Academy Awards ceremony has been postponed 3 times in its history of airing (1938, 1968, 1981). What 3 events
caused the postponements?

Click here for the answers!

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2 Responses to Oscar Trivia!

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  2. Namrata says:

    Agree with your top ten especially the top 3.Granted i have only seen like 5 of these (saw end of Winter’s Bone-seemed slow.) LOLI liveebe that THE FIGHTER is the best film I personally have seen this year and hoping it gets an Oscar nod.

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