Stimulate your brain in new and healthy ways!

Whether it’s your mother, your doctor, your friends or your television, someone is always urging you to go outside and get some physical exercise. If you’re anything like I was when I was younger, you’d likely retort with some pathetic excuse about mental exercise being much more useful than physical exercise.  However, much to my dismay there has been years upon years of research that has found that physical stimulation actually has a very positive effect on the brain’s development. Activities as simple as walking can increase blood flow to the brain and thereby augment the energy and productivity of this wonderful organ. Simple Neurobic exercises such as performing daily tasks with your non-dominant hand and blunting your stronger senses, forcing weaker ones to compensate stimulate your brain to exercise neural pathways that usually go unutilized.

The good news for those of us who typically opt for mental stimulus over physical is that there is an amazing array of equally nerdy ways to elevate our coordination skills and help our brains get even bulkier. Astrojax, Kiwido and Myachi – for example – are so much fun that it is hard to believe that they also provide mental and physical workouts. Each of this trio of fun little toys consists of a simple mechanism that can be manipulated to perform all manner of challenging and impressive tricks. Not unlike the yo-yo, these toys take a simple idea and quickly amp it up through the impressive maneuvers to greatly increase physical and mental coordination. Along with being immensely fun, Astrojax, Kiwido and Myachi each stimulate areas of our brains that don’t get a whole lot of love from other activities.

Another strong candidate for getting yourself outside and stimulating your mind and body is the ever-popular Ogosport Discs. These simple hand trampolines offer another rudimentary mechanism through which play can be customized to provide your body with much needed workouts while you’re running around, chasing after the ball. At the same time, you will be stimulating the creativity centers of your brain as you create new and fun games to play with the Ogosport Discs. This way you are giving multiple areas of your brain and your whole body a real work out.

Even if you – like me – would much rather spend your time breaking a mental sweat, there are plenty of extremely nerdy ways to keep yourself physically active. Not only do these nerdy activities help you to keep your geeky credibility, but it also helps to stimulate your brain in new and healthy ways. It would be safe to say that you cannot call yourself the greatest of all nerds unless you give your brain the all-around workout, and stimulate those hard-to-reach places.

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  1. Nicole Beurkens says:

    The Ogosport Discs are awesome! We use them with kids and teens all the time at our clinic, and they are great for working on motor skills, visual processing, collaboration, and more. They also provide awesome variations on the game of catch. Highly recommended for all families, especially those with kids who have Autism, ADHD, and related disorders!
    -Nicole Beurkens, PhD
    Licensed Psychologist

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