Marbles: Brain Workshop

Marbles: Brain Workshop is official! We’re in route to release quite a few Marbles branded products in 2012.  Some designed here in the Workshop, some with other brainiacs, (you may already know PeggyBrown), and some by design students. We’ve got ideas inspired by a 14th century Viking game, the Rubik’s cube, an active play game, a game of tactile perception, a juggling kit, a few different puzzles, dominoes and paint by numbers, and much more.  Marbles the Brain Workshop was started because of the successful release of a few Marbles branded products in 2011.

Allow us to introduce ourselves…

I’m Austin, the voice of this blog. Also in the workshop are Scott, Nicole, Chrissy, Winslow and Vickie; all of us acting as idea generators and play connoisseurs.  We’ve started this development blog to share our ideas and have you take part in the development process. Every week will be a new post about what’s going on within the workshop including ideas, inspirations, sketches, models, and everything else involved in the design process.  Please feel free to give us feedback, the more collaborative the better!

Another exciting event to stay tuned for is our annual Marbles Design Contest open to the public.  More information will be released next week!

Stay tuned for weekly updates into our brains and a walk through of our sweet new Workshop!

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