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Here at Marbles, not only do we sell games, but we love games too! With the New Year many of us resolved to “Play More.” We did a whole post on playing more and the benefits that come with that. If you missed it, you can click read it here. Today, we want to focus on how playing games in a social setting can be beneficial to your brain!

Games are an excellent way to spend time together as friends or family, and another sometimes less thought about benefit, is that they are full of learning opportunities as well! One of those opportunities is learning different ways of interacting with others when you play games in a group setting. Games don’t need to be heavily trivia based to be educational, in fact, just by playing games we learn important social skills such as communicating verbally, sharing, waiting and taking turns, all while enjoying interactions with others.

Because we are a company that sells games, we like to take every opportunity we can to implement games into our work life and company parties. At a recent company “fiesta” we teamed up with other co-workers and were able to compete together. One of our biggest rules when doing this is you have to pick teammates that you do not work with on a daily basis. This allows for us to communicate with new people, and work closely with them to solve problems. This is a great team building experience and is fun at the same time (as you can clearly see in the photographs)! Studies show that playing interactive games has a significant effect on cognitive performance, particularly working memory, for people in all age groups. So not only do we have a blast playing games together, we feel good about the positive effect that we are having on our brains!

Did you resolve to spend more time with friends and family this year? We highly recommend implementing game play into that, and you’ll make memories with each roll-on-the-floor laughing experience you have!

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  1. Terri and Gene says:

    We hope to make next month’s games @ the Garden State Plaza location in Paramus, NJ. Please send us a reminder. Thank you.

  2. Janis Bates says:

    Is this for adults only or would there be kids there? (ages 8 and 10)

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