The Master of Mind Your Marbles

We had the opportunity to sit down with Peggy Brown, the inventor of our very own Mind Your Marbles, and ask her a few questions about what it takes to create a trivia game!

Marbles: The Brain Store: Mind Your Marbles has 2,000 questions!  How long did it take you to come up with all of those trivia questions?

Peggy Brown: Actually, it has 2400! Not that I’m counting. Okay, yes I am. It took most of the summer!

Marbles:  Do you have a favorite category that you liked writing questions for?

Peggy: Not really – I love to learn, and the hard part is doing the research to write the questions, and not getting sidetracked by wanting to delve deeper into any given topic. The trick to getting them all written is to stick to the trivia, not the minutiae.

Marbles:  How many games have you invented, or helped invent?

Peggy: I’ve invented hundreds of games. It’s true.

Marbles:  If you had to pick a favorite game that you love to play, what would it be?

Peggy: That’s a toughy. It really depends who I’m playing with. On Christmas my family usually plays trivia games, but this year we played a Euro-type strategy game. Picking a favorite game is like picking a favorite flavor of ice cream – I can’t do it because they’re all so good!

Marbles:  Do you ever think you’ll get tired of creating?

Peggy: Nope. Not a chance.

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