Telling about Telepathy

We were able to interview Derek, the inventor of Telepathy, and learn how he came up with this game that uses logic, creativity and deductive reasoning to outdo your opponents!

Marbles: We are huge fans of Telepathy here at Marbles; can you tell us how you came up with the game?

Derek: Inventor of Telepathy: It started on Christmas day of 2007. One of my friends gave me a board game for a present. I set the game up and just stared at it for about five minutes. Then I told myself that I could do something like this. For the next several weeks I created about six games but after trying a couple on my friends, they weren’t impressed. One night while watching TV, I came up with this game involving colors and shapes on a board. I had a friend who was a math major and he created the board that I wanted. I started to try out the game on anybody that I ran into. I got some positive response and several asked if I was going to market the game. By the end of March I decided to go for it. Through a friend of a friend, I found Funhub Creative, who guided me through the whole process from beginning to end. We started in May and the units were in my possession in November.

Marbles: What did you do before entering the games business?

Derek: I was in the banking business for almost thirty years with the last fifteen in upper management. I retired in 2003. Before that I graduated with a business degree from the University of Washington in the early 1970’s.

Marbles: Besides banking and creating games, what other hobbies do you have?

Derek: My biggest hobby is sports cards. I started that in the mid 1980’s after I stopped writing music and I’m still involved in it. It was a lot of fun back then and still holds my interest.

Marbles: What’s next for Telepathy?  Anything exciting that we have to look forward to?

Derek: I have a final prototype for a deluxe version of Telepathy. I’m also working on a single version of Telepathy where one person can play or a group of people can play. If you have eight game boards you can have eight people play at once. But we’ll have to see how Telepathy does before I decide to go forward on the next generation of Telepathy. I have some other games in the works and my five year plan is to produce one game a year for the next five years.

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