SmartKit 1-Year Subscription

Our BrainCoaches get a lot of requests for brainy gift ideas. What do you recommend for a really smart child? My husband loves brain games, what would you suggest? My family has so many of your games, do you have anything new I can get them? I love to send my mother things to help keep her brain sharp, what do you have?

If you have a precocious child, a husband you like to surprise with challenging games and puzzles, a family who loves Marbles or a parent that wants to keep their mind sharp as they age, consider giving them the SmartKit 1-Year Subscription. Each subscription will be tailored to the subscriber, The products will be hand selected by our Chief Merchant Scott Brown. Each quarter he will choose the best, brainy products to send!

Here’s how it works:

- Pay $200 for $220 worth of products throughout the year. That’s a 10% savings!

- Receive a bundle of brain boosting goodness worth $55 each quarter.

- SmartKits will ship on March 1st, June 1st, September 1st and December 1st. If, for example, you place your order anytime in December, your first order would ship on March 1st and you would receive SmartKits for four straight quarters.

- Want to give something as a gift for Christmas?  With every SmartKit Subscription ordered, you will receive an email confirmation with a certificate detailing what the SmartKit entails.  This will make a perfect gift for any brain on your list!

Click here to order your SmartKit 1-Year Subscription!

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