Putting Words in Einstein’s Mouth

I’ve always loved looking at those photo mosaics where a collection of small images form the pixels of a much larger image (shameless plug alert: We sell a jigsaw version of what I’m talking about here). It’s fascinating to me how something can have so much detail when viewed up close but when you take a step back it becomes nothing more than the shading of a cheek, nose or eye.

Marbles’ newest addition Mindstein is a bit like a photo mosaic. At an up close glance, it feels like a lot of the trivia games already out there…trivia questions, multiple choice answers, etc. When you take a step back, however, you see how the questions and answers work together to become something different and more complex. They form the shading for a game that handles trivia in a new and interesting way.

With this in mind, I set out to design the packaging for Mindstein. Inspired by the photo mosaics, I decided to create a complete image using the questions and answers from trivia in the game. Countless hours, tweaking, resizing, adjusting and Advil later (most of it spent while watching season one of Heroes in the background…did NOT like that show), the design was complete.

When viewed up close, you will see thousands of words (I estimate over 10,000 in all, including the names of my wife and two daughters). Take a step back and they hopefully form a recognizable image of one of the greatest brainiacs of all time.

I loved shaping the details that formed the cover for Mindstein. I hope that in its finished, step back form, Mindstein is a game that you love too.

To see an interview with Peggy Brown, creator of Mindstein, click here.

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  2. A.J. says:

    Just out of curiosity, on what part of the image could I find their names?

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