Top 10 Gifts for Rick Perry

Finding your keys is the least of your worries when you can’t even remember where you parked the car.  Unfortunately for Gov. Rick Perry, his memory lapse is having a much bigger impact than a lost automobile.  If you missed the Presidential debate Wednesday night, he had quite the brain freeze when he forgot one of the three agencies he would eliminate if elected into office.  Oops.

That’s where Marbles comes in.  Being a brain store where one of the five areas of function we focus on is Memory, we felt it was our job to put together a gift package to send to Gov. Perry.  You may not know him, but you may know someone who struggles with their memory who could benefit from one of these gifts as much as him.  Without further ado, we present to you the Top 10 Gifts for Rick Perry.

Top 10 Gifts for Rick Perry

  1. Marbles Good Thinking Kit
  2. Remember Presentations DVD
  3. Marbles MindSpring Software
  4. Memory Doctor Audiobook
  5. Dr. Amen’s Brain & Memory Power Boost 90 Capsules
  6. Memory Bible
  7. Memory Book
  8. NeuroActive Memory
  9. Brain Games: Improve Your Memory Book
  10. Modern Art Memory Game
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