How Marbles Can Make Your Mind Spring!

When you go to the gym, you don’t just work on your arms, you need to work on your whole body. It’s the same thing with your brain. Software programs offer a great comprehensive approach to brain fitness. They offer a wide variety of activities that help cross train your cognitive skills. Just like going to the gym though, you have to motivate yourself to do it. Finding fun ways to work your brain is what we are all about!

Last month we released marbles MindSpring software. This program offers engaging, brain-stimulating exercises that are great for staying sharp in school or in the workplace. MindSpring has 22 unique activities that train a wide variety of cognitive skills, such as:

• Processing Speed
• Working Memory
• Visual-Spatial Skills
• Planning
• Selective Attention
• Word Recall
• Arithmetic

You can choose your own custom training program or use the guided training program with your virtual brain coach, Albert. For best results, you should do the program three to five times a week. Each session lasts about 15-20 minutes.

Prepare to be challenged and beware, the exercises are slightly addictive.

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