Play your way to a better, more loveable, brain!

Looking to add a little competitiveness to your Valentine’s Day?  Today is a great day to focus on those two player games, but with this cold weather still lurking across America, what better way to spend the time stuck indoors than battling with the one you love. Click here to see some of our best two player games, and read on to see why Tangoes is Marbles CEO Lindsay’s favorite!

“This is one of our first hit products at Marbles and still is a great seller for us.  I love to recommend it because people are familiar with it but haven’t ever seen it with two person game play and instantly love it.  I think the packaging is perfect (all the pieces and challenges fit tightly in the 2 inch by 6 inch container) and it is great for on-the-go (I often pull out my game on the airplane).   When I first had one at home I brought it out at our Holiday Party and it instantly became a hit with everyone trying to beat the reigning champ. There was a line going to be the next competitor.  Of course, I joined the fun and was able to stick in there for awhile but eventually got beat by one of my Tangram expert friends (dang it, Naveed….) .   I had to give that one away and continue to do so– so I am constantly restocking my home collection.  I must have bought at least 20 of these since we have been open. I also like the Deluxe version that is made in high quality wood and metal and think it is great adult sibling gift for the design savvy or picky members of the family (yes, David, that’s you).”

“The trick about getting good at it- is to cheat at first. Use the solution cards to determine how the pieces work.  Warm up with a little assistance on a few cards and then once you solve one you will start to get it. You really can get better at these with some practice. Take that from one who really needed to improve and now can hold their own.”

Happy Valentine’s Day from our brains to yours!

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  1. faye silberg says:

    please consider baltimore, your store looks so interesting and the classes sound even better, we have nothing like this in baltimore, maryland

  2. jeffmanacy obono says:

    i like that

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