Smart Idea – Lunch Hour Games

Joanna, a regular at our Grand Avenue location, has started playing games during lunch hour with her co-workers.  We thought this was a great idea, and asked her a few questions on what they do and how she came up with such a great idea!

Do you do something similar in your office?  Leave us a comment, we would love to hear about it!

Marbles:  How did you find out about Marbles: The Brain Store?

Joanna:  There are two of us at work who started going to Marbles over a year ago, because the downtown Chicago location is located about four blocks from our work.  After awhile we found out about the game night that they have in the store and we went to see what it was all about.  Needless to say, we were hooked.

Marbles:  What made you start playing games during your lunch hour?

Joanna:  After a couple of nights, my co-worker brought up the idea of playing at lunch to which I responded with a resounding yes.  She contacted a few other people who might be interested.  Some came and left, some stayed.  We now have four regular players, but are always open to others who might want to join in.  We scheduled them for Tuesdays.  Also, with winter we do it on Fridays until the end of March.

Marbles:  Is there a favorite game that gets played more than other?

Joanna:  We have approximately 23 games, which we are now playing on a rotating basis as some were played more than others.  We want to give them all equal time.  Some of the favorite games are Qwirkle, Blokus Trigon, and Word on the Street.  Some of the games are more of a two-person type (about six of them), so we paired them up for some of the days.  With four people, there are games that are going to be more enjoyable than others, but we do enjoy them enough to play all!

Marbles:  Anything else you would like to add about your lunch hour games?

Joanna:  Playing games during lunch is definitely a nice change from staying at your desk and puts your brain in a different mode.  For myself, I feel it raises my mood in the afternoon.  Also, I live by the Marbles location in the Old Orchard mall, so I can go on the weekend as well.  I have bought puzzles, some of the games that can be played by one, and some books.  But, either store, I find is a nice mental break at lunch time or on the weekend.

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3 Responses to Smart Idea – Lunch Hour Games

  1. gloria Heisler says:

    When are you locating in the Rhode Island area? Anxiously awaiting your reply. I’m an 83 year old retired teacher and love word games and anything else to try to keep my brain alive and kicking.

  2. gloria Heisler says:

    Plese locate in the New England area. We need you!!!

  3. nataliebrown says:

    We are looking to expand to Boston and New York this year, so be on the lookout for us!

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