Marbles Top 10 Gifts for Kids

We are excited to announce our annual Top 10 Gift Lists for 2010! The following is the Marbles Top 10 List of gifts for kids.  All items are hand-picked, expert-tested, certifiable fun ways to a healthier brain, and are sure to please any clever kid!

Perplexus – Two things make a maze addictive. First, it has to be challenging enough to hold your interest. And second, it has to be possible to solve so you can experience the thrill of victory (and not go completely mad.) Perplexus meets both criteria.

Wobble – You’d never guess that a teetering game board, a wobbling ball and discs hanging in the balance could teach kids to read. But according to experts, games that improve hand-eye coordination can help kids do just that. Whether you’re six and learning to read or 106 and trying to keep your brain in tip-top shape,

Pigz Up! – Pigz Up! boosts hand-eye coordination, which experts say helps kids learn to read. That means with regular play, your little ones could be reading the Three Little Pigs faster than you can say “PigzUp!

Brain Noodles – Brain Noodles take us back to kindergarten art class and our masterful pipe cleaner creations. While Brain Noodles are kind of like bigger, fluffier pipe cleaners, what you can do with them is so much more.

Brainetics Main Kit – The Brainetics Main Kit uses math to teach you how to use two parts of your brain at once. In marketing speak, that’s what we like to call a “twofer.” By using the part of your brain that processes information at the same time as the part that stores information, you can train your mind to work better and faster in all academic subjects.

Pengoloo – Pengoloo is as much fun as one of penguins’ favorite pastimes: sliding down icy hills on their bellies! The best part? This charming game works your memory without you even realizing it. (The greatest brain health games are sneaky like that.)

Chicky Boom – As far as brain-building games for kids go, Chicky Boom is a quintuple whammy. This colorful game of balance teaches kids about weights and cause and effect while building coordination, developing fine motor skills and encouraging both cooperative and competitive play.

Magic Labyrinth – Hidden mazes, a mystical theme and a Master Wizard combine in an enchanting memory game aptly named The Magic Labyrinth. In the game, players must collect lost objects before the Master Wizard notices they’re missing. But every worthwhile mystical adventure comes with a catch. In this case, that catch is hidden walls under the game board that players find through trial and error.

Baby Beads – Okay. Technically, Baby Beads is for babies—just like the name suggests. And while it’s a brilliant toy for keeping infants engaged while exercising fine motor skills, we happen to think it’s a smart toy for grown-ups, too.

Dado Squares – Dado Squares look sharp, build creativity and have a brain-healthy dose of visual spatial exercise thrown in for good measure. A winner of seven prestigious awards, this modern building toy contains 35, three-inch squares made of heavy-duty plastic right here in the US of A.

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