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My favorite thing to do when I have people over is to break out a game that gets everyone involved. Last month I was at my friend’s birthday party and turned around to find the game Set sitting on the bookshelf. A few friends and I immediately broke it out and even attracted a crowd! It was such a blast.

I have compiled a few other suggestions for games that are great for groups:

Kwizniac is a trivia countdown game we just got in that works your memory skills and is loads of fun. The idea is that as clues are being read aloud, you are trying to guess the person, place, or thing as quickly as possible. The clues get progressively easier, so the faster you answer the more points you receive. This could also be a fun game for long car rides.

I am a huge fan of Perpetual Commotion. This high-speed game challenges your coordination and strategy skills as you race to get rid of your cards the fastest by adding them to the piles in the middle. I brought this to a friend’s house last week and hilarity ensued!



Smartmouth is an entertaining word skills game where you try to come up with a word fastest. The trick is to think of a word that begins and ends with the letters quickly revealed during each round. I challenge you to do 10 rounds of 4-letter words, then 5-letter words, then 6 and so on.

Well, hopefully this will help get you come up with fun things to do at your next birthday party or get-together. I would love to hear of fun group games that you all play as well. And trust me, we have many more suggestions if you would like to learn about more games!

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