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If you have been in a Marbles lately, you may have noticed the “Employee Favorites” blurbs all over the store. As Brain Coaches, we were polled about our favorite books and games and then all of us wrote up something short about why we liked the game/book and how it what it is about. We always love suggesting new, fun ways to challenge your brain and a book is a great place to start! Here are some of our go-to choices for books:

Ryan: Mozart’s Brain and the Fighter Pilot
Richard Restak has combed through a fascinating blend of science, literature, music, history, and sociology to find great tips for increasing learning capacity, pushing the limits of memory, and understanding how our mind works.
Invigorating my passion for creativity and intelligence bu using examples from outliers like Aristotle, Salvador Dali, Timothy Leary, and Hermann Hesse; Richard Restak has written the kind of book that compels me to write in the margin and dog-ear the pages.

Paulette: Build Your Power Vocabulary
I love this book because I enjoy learning the origins of words and why we use them. I find this to be a key component in helping me remember new words and incorporate them into my vocabulary. There are chapters on ways to improve spelling and pronunciation, the roots of words, words that are commonly misused, specialized words, and words that we borrow from other languages. The book also includes exercises at the end of each section that almost feel like games. This is a great book for people who love words or for people who just want to strengthen their vocabulary.

Emily: Play
This book shows how essential play is in everyone’s life and how we can get it back. As a parent I thought it would be about how to help my children in play and reinforce my belief that we need to incorporate more into their daily life (and it is). However, it also argues that adults, parents in particular, need to prioritize some play time too. The opposite of play is not work, but depression. When we stop playing, we start dying. Brown has some incredible research to support that in order to be successful in life you must play. Have fun!

Rachel: Brain Rules
The 12 principles outlined in Brain Rules are presented in a very interesting way that is easy for anyone to understand and often very funny. The author, Dr. John Medina is also a professor and a lot of the book discusses how we learn, and more so, how we should be taught. This book is separated into segments that each discuss parts of the brain, how they work, and how they differ from person to person. Brain Rules is cleverly written combining science with real life experience and ideas for the future.

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