Brain Fitness on the Go: iPhone Apps

I am a busy person, as I am sure you all are, so I find it handy to have things I can accomplish while on the subway, waiting for coffee, or walking home. After a Twitter followerer (@adeyemiking) suggested I look into iPhone apps for the brain, my fellow Brain Coach, Devon Blandin, helped me compile the list of our top suggestions. I have broken them down into the parts of the brain that you can easily work on to improve and enhance.

GeoMaster – this game quizzes you on world geography and challenges you to remember the capitol of obscure countries
gFlashPro – create your own flash cards with this app as well as use the ones already created in their database

Flight Control - one of Devon’s top picks, this app has you coordinating numerous flight patterns at once as different planes land on different landing strips
Edge – move your cube across an obstacle course suspended in space without letting it fall off the board – received Best Mobile Game 2008 (Milthon Award)

Critical Thinking
KenKen – similar to Sudoku, KenKen challenges your critical thinking skills through increasingly difficult number problems within square formations
Sudoku Unlimited – can’t go wrong with Sudoku!
Smart Go and Smart Go Pro – the ancient Chinese game of building territory
Brain Toot - similar to Brain Age that we carry

Visual Perception
Set – a fun pattern-based game
Tangrams – create certain shapes using a given amount of other smaller shapes
Where’s Waldo?

Word Skills
Bookworm and Bookworm 2 - form words with the letters provided and new letters will appear
Wurdle – similar to Bookworm, you try to form as many words as you can out of the letters supplied
2 Across – pulls crosswords from top tier newspapers

So there is our list of cool iPhone apps to work your brain on the go! Please let me know if you have suggestions. You can also follow me on Twitter (@thebrainstore) to hear more updates.

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