Top 10 products for Young Developing Minds

I was shopping this weekend and was excited to see the crowds out there again. So, I think holiday shopping has started for those early birds out there. The next couple of blog posts will be about suggestions for unique gifts this holiday season. If you aren’t ready for the holidays yet, I understand, and will give suggestions later in the season don’t worry.

Here are my top ten products for young developing minds out there. I hand picked these from gifts I have given to my 4 nieces and 4 nephews in this 3-12 age range:

1) Astrojax: I bought this for my 8 year old nephew’s birthday and he played with it for the entire day non-stop and every time I see him he shows me some new tricks (buy the gift bundle that comes with the tricks CD and is already wrapped is you want to take the hassle out of it)
2) Ball of Whacks: I got this one for my nine year old nephew and he spent hours creatively constructing different animals, objects, shapes that he would proudly share with the entire family
3) Electronic Snap Circuit: Great for the budding engineer out there and I have a lot of grown up engineers in my family that just love tinkering with this one.
4) Find-it: I got this one for my 4 year old nephew and he and my mom his grandma cuddled up on the couch and enjoyed this one together.
5) Jishaku: You will get many laughs out of this one. My niece and nephew are crazy about the magnets in this game and it has been a good tool to teach them about magnetic force.
6) Labryinth: This one is a full family challenge but it is really amazing how good kids can get at this one. We have had a wooden labryinth for years and it never gets old.
7) Magnetic Colorcube: This one is designed for kids with its magnetic nature and its carrying case and is great for travel and for those artist amoung us. My 12 year old niece always plays with this one in the store.
8) Q-Ba-Maze: A marble run designed by a parent and an architect was a winner with for my 5 year nephew and his friends.
9) Shoot the Moon: Another classic that the whole family enjoys but you can’t tear boys 4-10 away from it.
10) Qwirkle: This is a great family game with rules like Scrabble but no vocubulary needed and my competitive family loves it.

Look out for more product suggestions later this week!

~ Lindsay

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2 Responses to Top 10 products for Young Developing Minds

  1. Sara Sawtelle says:

    Hi. This list seems to be missing something. BrainWare Safari. This product is perfect for developing young minds — yet you failed to mention it at all. It is sold at Marbles — The Brain Store and provides stimulation to the entire brain everytime the person plays it! It helps grow the brain in ways that each of the above games, cannot achieve. Deserves a mention!

  2. Marbles Blog says:

    Agreed! Brainware is a great product– the price point of $149.99 was a bit high for a niece or nephew for me but I have recommended it to lots of parents/grandparents and people really love it.

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