Are you a bird or an owl?

It turns out there are more differences between early birds and night owls than just the time of day when they feel at their peak. A new study of extreme early birds and night owls published in the journal Science found that not only did night owls have a later peak as expected, they performed better on a simple reaction test at the end of their “day” than early birds did after the same number of waking hours. An fMRI scan revealed increased activity in the brains of night owls after 10.5 waking hours, indicating that the difference in performance is due to a difference in the brains of early birds and night owls. There was no difference, however, during their “mornings” (1.5 hours after waking up).

It seems the early birds might not always get the worm.

A good synopsis of the study can be found at:
Also, check out Sharon Begley’s blog:

In Marbles news, our first ever Amateur Crossword Tournament was held last Saturday.

First off, thank you so much to Will Shortz and The New York Times for donating the 4 crosswords we used in the tournament.

Big thanks also go to Amy Reynaldo, author of How to Conquer the New York Times Crossword Puzzle, who kicked off the event with helpful tips for amateurs and experienced solvers alike, MC’d the event to its conclusion and did a book signing.

One other thanks goes to Bob Petitto (who was our resident judge) for helping out the day of the event!

Our winners certainly weren’t puzzled. Congratulations to:
First Place: Anne Erdmann
Second Place: Ben Bass
Third Place: Jonathan Brown

Ben Bass has a great run-down of the tournament on his blog. We also appreciate all the help spreading the word across the blogosphere, including on Diary of a Crossword Fiend.

Thanks to all for coming out, including some of the crossword celebs from the film Wordplay (2006) (which is one my favorite documentaries).

Want to be ready to compete in the next tournament? Practice makes perfect, check out a stylish and convenient books of crosswords. Black and White Crosswords

~ Lindsay

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