“Food for Thought” Makes its Debut!

It’s pretty common knowledge that you are what you eat.  We at Marbles: The Brain Store know that’s a fact and are happy to announce that we are not only offering exciting ways to play smart, but eat smart. We Read More >

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Marbles Original Products Fall 2013

The Brainworkshop is the division of Marbles where branded products are born. Inspired by feedback from our brilliant customers and Brain Coaches, Marbles’ original toys and games strive to bring some real fun to your mental workout.  Meet some of Read More >

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When Marbles Games Meet

Our brilliantly creative Brain Coaches are always looking for exciting new ways to play Marbles’ toys & games. But why limit the gameplay brainstorming to just one toy at a time? Some of the best new innovations have been born Read More >

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If You Were Stranded on a Deserted Island

  This week our BrainCoaches were asked what one product from our store would they want if they were stranded on a deserted island.  Some of the items were their favorites, some would definitely assume you had other people on Read More >

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Independence Day Trivia

How much do you really know about Independence Day?  Some of the things I thought I knew were actually incorrect.  There seems to be some confusion about the chronology of events even among the signers themselves about when things actually Read More >

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Lindsay’s Picks for Summer Vacation

Our CEO, Lindsay Gaskins, loves to play.  Whenever we get a new batch of games, she is one of the first to buy them.  I asked her about an order she placed today and she said these were all things Read More >

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Dad’s Brain

Most dads would agree that having a child completely changed their life. Did you know that it also changed their brains? Studies have shown that a father’s contact with his newborn child actually rewires the brain and stimulates the creation Read More >

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Isis Puzzle Adventurist Wins Pyramid Challenge Prize

Isis Puzzle Adventurist, Luns Tee solved the Pyramid Challenge riddle for the golden coin. He was presented with the coin at our San Francisco Centre store. He will also receive a $500 prize for solving the riddle successfully. Luns Tee Read More >

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2013 Simultaneous Chess Tournament

On Sunday, March 10th , Marbles: The Brain Store in Lincoln Square (Chicago) hosted 2012 Illinois Chess Tour champion Sam Schmakel as he took on 12 opponents in a simultaneous exhibition. The Tournament was scheduled for 3 hours, but Sam swiftly Read More >

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Mothers of Great Minds Quiz

In honor of Mother’s Day we gathered some information on the mothers of some famous brains. Can you figure out which mother gave birth to which brilliant mind? 1. She loved to play the piano and enrolled her son in Read More >

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