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Marbles Edition Titanium & Blue Isis Puzzle

| Critical_Thinking
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Brand new to the Isis collection, designed especially for Marbles. Made with trademark Isis Series precision engineering, and constructed in layers from aircraft grade aluminium, the Isis is renowned around the world as one of the most challenging puzzles on earth. Each Isis is unique, with its own engraved serial and key number, your Isis will be individually assembled by hand in the United Kingdom. Features: 

  • High quality solid metal construction
  • Rings with precision 'click feel' rotation
  • Diamond engraved hieroglyphics
  • Smooth highly polished Titanium and Deep Blue finish
  • Unique engraved 'Isis Adventure' PassKey
  • Weighs approx. 1 LB
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The Idea

The world's hardest mechanical puzzle challenge complete with cryptic clues & hints

The Brains

Using the clues, use critical thinking and deductive reasoning skills.

The A-Ha

Participants race to solve and reveal the hidden code or key inside each unique puzzle

Brain Health Expert Says

Benefit your visual association in the parietal and occipital lobes as you search for and recognize visual clues on the Isis Puzzle.

The Brain Coach Says

This Isis puzzle is the most epic puzzle of them all--testing my logic, spatial skills and patience with every twist and turn!


Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age8+
DepartmentCritical Thinking
# of Players1

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this is not a mechanical puzzle


when I first got this puzzle I was extremely satisfied until I started playing with it. It is not a puzzle. It is pretty much just a lock with 180 million combinations. Don't blow 250 dollars on this thing

From Marbles:

Hello, sorry to hear the puzzle is giving you some problems. Have you tried checking out the Isis website to unlock some clues? Click the link for more information! https://www.isisadventure.co.uk/isis/index.php

Fun and full of adventure


I have jsut started playing around with the Isis and online content. Well worth the investment. I can't wait to finish this puzzle and get the next one in the series.

Fun and full of adventure.


I have just started playing around with the isis and I love it. The challenge of does the puzzle and all of the online content make this well worth the investment. I cant wait to finish this and move on to the next in the series.

Best Puzzle I Ever Did


I'll be honest, I'm sure most people aren't going to believe my post. When I scroll through reviews, I usually see the really good reviews and think people made them up. In complete honesty, I'm not making this up. I'm not going to fool anyone into buying something that isn't worth it. If you enjoy puzzles and making your mind think differently then what you're used to, this is definitely a puzzle for you. The people that are saying this is nothing but luck to solve, are wrong. It is possible for someone to get lucky and open the ISIS without knowing what they did, but there is an actual way of solving it. Inside, there is a pellet like ball that you must move through the maze inside. While you can't physically see the track and drop holes, you can listen and hear the ball. You need to visualize what is taking place inside to be able to solve it the right way. This is the easiest one of the series, and trust me when I say it will make you want to continue in the series to open the rest in this puzzle adventure.
Viewing 1 - 4 of 13
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