Beasts of Balance

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Act as Beast Stacker and Beast Maker in Beasts of Balance. Build a tower of creatures in the physical world and watch them come to life in the digital world. The goal is simple: build the tallest tower of beasts you can. But the strategy, suspense and monstrously creative possibilities make this game far from simple.

Beasts of Balance is for 1 - 5 players and comes with a collection of beautifully sculpted pieces, a sensing platform and an app compatible with both Apple and Android systems. Each turn, a player touches their piece of choice to the platform, watches it magically appear on the Bluetooth-connected tablet, and then adds the piece to the tower. Every subsequent piece either creates, enhances or evolves the fabulous beasts that live in the connected digital realm. Combine dexterity with imagination. Potentially hundreds of different beasts await your creation. Choose pieces carefully and stack them strategically; once the tower falls, the game is over and the beasts are extinct.

Beasts of Balance is a thrilling game that encourages cooperation and innovation with fellow Beast Masters. Discover hundreds of ways to beat your highest score and find undiscovered beasts. The magical creatures of two worlds are at your fingertips.

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The Idea

A socially cooperative game of physical balance that translates to digital play.

The Brains

The combo of tactile dexterity with digital creation will make the whole brain roar.

The A-Ha

Bears that fly, sharks on land, spotted eagles and hundreds more possible beasts await.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age6+
Inside the Box
  • 1 plinth
  • 6 beast artefacts
  • 10 element artefacts
  • 2 miracle artefacts
  • 3 migrate artefacts
  • 3 cross artefacts

Free iOS and Android App required to play.

# of Players1+

Customer Reviews

Great Game - But Glitchy


Love the game - when it works. We've tried the app on a few devices and have found it loses connectivity and both the plinth and app have to be restarted which is very frustrating.

Beautiful addictive game


Highly addictive game that combines table top and electronic gaming in a seamless, clever, and beautiful product. The way that the iPad integrates with the rest of the game is fantastic. Good for all ages, even those a bit younger than the suggestion on the box. The artwork in accompanying app is beautiful, which it needs to be if it's not to look weak compared to the similarly beautiful stacking artefacts. This game is very, very good - and given how addictive it is (we unboxed it expecting to play for a short while, and next thing we knew 2.5 hours had passed) actually seems very good value, even at a highish price. Unreservedly recommended.

Incredibly fun game that had whole family playing happily together


I am absolutely delighted with this game. It clearly looks great but you never know how much fun until you try... And we LOVED it, all of us, age 5 to 45, found it easy to follow and masses of fun to play. It's certainly the best whole family use of the iPad! We had a really good laugh and enjoyed creating this crazy ocean world with hilarious new species & exciting happenings... So very pleased with it. Highly recommended.

How To Play


Place the tablet on a table so all players can view the screen. Connect the Plinth to the tablet via Bluetooth. Lay out all the Artefacts on the table within reach of all players.


Build a tower of Aretfacts to create and evolve as many amazing beasts as possible.

How to Play:

Each turn, a player selects one Artefact to stack, touches the Artefact to the Plinth and places it on top. After stacking each piece, look at the tablet to watch it magically appear in the Land on the tablet. The tower of Artefacts will grow from turn to turn. Every subsequent Artefact added to the stack either creates, enhances or evolves the fabulous beasts that live in the connected digital realm. Build the tower as high as you can and discover hundreds of different creature combinations across the Land!

As play continues, the beasts in the Land lose energy. If they lose too much energy, they will die. Touch an Element Artefact to the Plinth and stack it to renew the beast’s energy, then watch as the beast evolves into new fabulous forms!

There are endless possibilities and combinations of Artefacts. You can use Cross Artefacts to make useful platforms in your tower; they also populate the Land with weird and wonderful hybrids! Miracle Artefacts add extra challenges to the game such as interacting with the Sun and Moon in the Land for bonus points.

Choose pieces carefully and stack them strategically. If the tower of Artefacts falls, you only have a few seconds to rebuild it before the Volcano erupts. If you don’t succeed, the Volcano brings the Land to a fiery end. The game is over and the beasts are extinct.