critical thinking

    Critical Thinking

    Your frontal cortex is responsible for your critical thinking skills. The most effective leaders have the best critical thinking skills, so we like to think of the frontal cortex as the CEO, the president, the four-star general and the commander in chief of your brain. Your frontal cortex is where all the strategic planning, reasoning and decision making takes place so it’s pretty important to keep it sharp.

    Put Your Critical Thinking Caps On

    It’s not as easy as just putting on a cap, but you can have fun while cultivating your critical thinking skills. Try games that require complex levels of thinking, planning, sequencing and reasoning. But don’t dilly dally on one game for too long because the best way to build critical thinking skills is to learn a game, teach it to others and then move onto the next one. Today, you’re playing a game of chess. Tomorrow, you’ll be mastering Go, a complex strategy game that some have called the world’s most intimidating game. And by next week, you’ll be leading a multi-national, Fortune 500, super duper, mega-conglomerate. Hop to it.

    Want to Learn More?

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