The coordination center of your brain is the cerebellum. This handy little marvel can be found just above the brain stem, toward the back of the brain and is responsible for voluntary motor movement, balance, equilibrium and muscle tone. Beyond giving you the skills to brush your teeth, dance with the oldies and be king (or queen!) of the tennis court, studies show that working on hand-eye coordination can even help kids learn to read.

    Crank Up Your Coordination

    Whatever your age, good old-fashioned play can help fire up your cerebellum, strengthen your brain-body connection and ramp up reaction times. Pretty much any activity that keeps your body moving and your mind focused on the task can help improve coordination. Try fun activities like playing with a yo-yo, juggling or playing games that improve and strengthen your balance like the Gibbon Slackline or Wobble Deck.

    Want to Learn More?

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