Brain Fitness 101

    It turns out that our brains don’t stop growing in our teens as experts once believed. Thanks to a revolutionary idea called “neuroplasticity,” we now know that you can generate new brain cells and form new connections at any age. Phew! That means brain training can help you improve concentration, diminish the symptoms of diseases like ADHD and even ward off Alzheimer’s and dementia. The trick is to train all major brain functions to keep those synapses synapsing—whether you’re eight or 108.

    Critical Thinking

    Critical thinking is a broad term that covers many cognitive skills. Your frontal cortex is responsible for the brain’s executive control function, which is associated with the prefrontal cortex. It controls your ability to plan, take action, problem solve and (hopefully) learn from and correct your mistakes. It’s what enables you to evaluate situations, formulate strategy and achieve detailed objectives.

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    Memory is our ability to store, retain and recall information and experience. Our working memory is the basis of intellect, and our long-term memory lets us remember events from our past that we may have experienced years ago. Memory is critical for our sense of consciousness. And without it, we’d have no real sense of who we are.

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    Coordination involves groups of muscles working together to execute movement. The coordination center of your brain is the cerebellum. This handy little marvel can be found just above the brain stem, toward the back of the brain and is responsible for voluntary motor movement, balance, equilibrium, and muscle tone.

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    Visual Perception

    Visual processing is the ability to interpret information taken in through the eyes. This processing allows us to perceive, analyze and think in visual images, and it is necessary for reading, remembering, walking, driving and the majority of our everyday tasks.

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    Word Skills

    Enhance your vocabulary, improve your ability to recall words, stimulate your creativity, learn a new language, or get better at solving crossword puzzles and playing Scrabble—whatever your goal may be, our Word Skills section can help you achieve it.

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    Brain Health Assessment

    Get a customized risk report and prevention strategies for optimal brain health.

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