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AirJamz App-Enabled Air Guitar - Red

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Of course you’ve played air guitar; who hasn’t? And you probably, like the rest of us, had the sneaking suspicion that, no matter how cool your moves, you looked like a bit of a dork. Well now you can stop worrying, thanks to AirJamz (the rock star red version) – the sensational app-enabled, motion-activated music tool that turns your air guitar motion into real guitar music!

Electric guitar, acoustic guitar, classical guitar, heavy metal guitar; whatever kind of air guitar you want to play, AirJamz is there to turn your silent guitar fantasy into fully audible reality.

Out of thin air, simple notes, full chords, power chords, guitar riffs, all become, like your secret, hitherto silent rock star persona, a reality.

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  • AirJamz wireless air guitar
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