about marbles: the brain store

    We’re a one-of-a-kind retail store with a smart collection of hand-picked, expert-tested, certifiably fun ways to a healthier brain for all ages. The best part? Our stores are designed to let you roll up your sleeves and get a little brainy while you play games, solve puzzles, try out software and flip through books to find the right products for you and your noggin. Our team is chock-full of smart, outgoing people who are passionate about learning new things and creating a fun, interactive environment where customers can reach their brain’s fullest potential.

    where we started

    Our CEO Lindsay Gaskins and her brainy teammates started Marbles: The Brain Store with the simple idea of finding the best brain games out there and putting them all in one place. Not just products for aging baby boomers concerned about memory loss and victims of brain disorders like stroke, Alzheimer’s, dementia and ADHD. But also products for anyone who wanted to improve focus and attention, enhance creativity, become better multi-taskers and get the most out of the smartest supercomputer out there: the brain.

    Our idea was supported by some pretty compelling research and mind-boggling advances in the field of neuroplasticity. So we went for it — opening a kiosk in May of 2008, one of the deepest parts of the recession and probably not the brightest time to start a new retail store. People thought we had lost our minds. To the contrary, we had just found them.

    We failed miserably. Which we’re not ashamed to admit. Hey, failure breeds success, right? The idea was great. The products were great. The experience…not so great. But customers loved the concept so we opened our first store in downtown Chicago in October 2008. This time, we got the experience right. With a bigger space, customers could actually play with every product. Our staff had to play with every product, too, in order to field questions from our brainy customers. The response was phenomenal so we opened three more Chicagoland stores in 2009, four more stores in the midwest in 2010, and now 10 more stores across the east coast in 2011. The rest, they say, is history. Albeit a short one. Which means we’re just getting started.

    where we're going

    Our goal is to bring the smartest and most engaging selection of brain training products to as many people as possible. So we’re not shy about saying we’d like to be a national retail operation within the next five to 10 years. But, we want to do it right so we’re very thoughtful and smart about our growth opportunities.

    Brain Tree