Three different areas of the brain are responsible for language. How these three all function together is not known for certain.

    Broca's Area which is located in the left hemisphere of the frontal lobe is responsible for the control of speech.

    Wernicke's Area, located in the left hemisphere of the temporal lobe, is responsible for the comprehension of speech and is extremely important to our development and usage of language.

    Scientists now know that portions of the Parietal Lobe also play an important part in language. A specific portion located in the left hemisphere called the Inferior Parietal Lobule is responsible for these aspects of language:

    • Processing and recognizing words we hear and see in front of us
    • Classifying and labeling things
    • Hearing and interpreting the sounds making up words
    • Pronouncing words correctly
    • Activating areas for speech
    • Combining visual and auditory information needed for reading and writing
    • Connecting objects and words for objects
    • Holding words in working memory long enough to process the words
    • Spelling words
    • Remembering the meaning of words
    • Putting words into categories and combine words to form ideas and concepts
    • Storing the rules for translation from written to spoken language
    • Dealing with the structure of language

    All three of these areas of the brain work together to create our ability to hear, speak , see, process, understand and recognize language.