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Our hyper-connected world has made us mad multi-taskers. Which is all well and good except for one thing: it’s given us human beings the attention spans of a gnat. That’s where Abalone board game comes in.

This strategic game helps players focus their attention as they try to push six of their opponent’s 14 marbles off the hexagon playing surface. But there’s a catch: it takes two marbles to move one of your opponent’s marbles and three to move two.

While the game seems simple, it’s not simplistic. Abalone’s six directions of movement require players to stay focused as they balance both offensive and defensive strategy.

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The Idea

Push your opponents' marbles into the gutter with your marbles.

The Brains

Planning subsequent moves engages your concentration & visual focus.

The A-Ha

Your marbles must outnumber your opponents' in that line with each push.

Brain Health Expert Says

Fine-tune your concentration when thinking ahead to plan subsequent moves. Increase your attention and engage your visual focus.


Major Fun Keeper, 1990 Mensa Select Winner

The Brain Coach Says

Abalone is a very well designed game that has been a favorite of mine since the day I first played it. There is something very satisfying about getting to push your opponent's marbles off the edge. In a world where board games can come and go quickly, I think that Abalone is here to stay!

Product Details

Brain Category
warningsCHOKING HAZARD -- Toy contains a marble. Not for children under 3 yrs.
Recommended Age8+
Inside the Box
  • 1 game board
  • 14 white marbles
  • 14 black marbles
  • 1 set of rules
DepartmentCritical Thinking
# of Players2

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Wow what a game!!


I lost a nights sleep playing this game against my ultra competitive brother who would not leave the table until he won. Easy game to learn, hard game to master. If you like chess you will love Abalone.

What a game!


Once I saw this game I knew I had to get it. Once you play one game you can't stop you want to try it again. I introduced it to my family and they are now Abalone addicts. Lots of strategy with this game.

Excellent Strategy Game


This is a great strategy game which will most definitely help with critical thinking. The objective is very simple for kids to understand and keeps them mentally engaged on how their next move will dictate the moves thereafter.

great game, perfect challenge


I recently purchased this game and I am so glad that I did. My family and I played it all day long and they all loved it as well. Abalone combines strategy and luck which makes it the perfect difficulty level for everyone. I would recommend this game to anyone that likes a good puzzle.
Viewing 1 - 4 of 11
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How To Play

How to Play:

Set up the field with white marbles on one side - black on the other. During a turn, a player can move groups of three, two, or just one of their marbles. The marbles can be moved along a straight line or scooted to the side. If a player has a group of marbles that is larger than the opponent's marbles and they are touching, the smaller group of marbles can be pushed over, one space. If an opponent's marbles are near the edge, they can be pushed off into the gutter.

How to Win:

Push six of your opponent's marbles off of the playing field to win.

Download PDF Rules Of The Game