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A to Z Magnatab Upper Case Letters

| Marbles_Junior
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True, cursive may be dead (much to the chagrin of schoolteachers and stationery companies everywhere.) And, sadly, the hand-printed word may follow suit one day soon, thanks to thumb-obsessed texting teens and keyboard-happy parents. But until then, kids should learn how to write their ABC’s the right way. 

With A to Z Uppercase Magnatab, they can. All they have to do is follow the up, down and sideways instructions and carefully trace each letter with the magnetic stylus pen to pull the metal beads into place.

To erase the beads, they simply need to trace back over the letter with the tip of their finger. Use your finger or the flat side of the wand to start with a clean slate.

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The Idea

Trace letters with a magnetic want to reveal each letter.

The Brains

Repetition will help young brains learn their letters quickly.

The A-Ha

Use your finger or the flat side of the wand to start with a clean slate.

Brain Health Expert Says

A simple way to practice fine motor coordination skills while learning the alphabet.

The Brain Coach Says

Let the little ones practice their A B C's with no clean up and maximum portability. Even adults will want to try their magnetic penmanship at least a couple times.

Easy as A-B-C.

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