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Q: what is a brain store?

A:  where brains come to play! 

Our Brain Store was built on the idea that play is good for the brain, and we don't make you wait until you get home to start playing. Our BrainCoaches provide our brainy guests a hands-on experience where products in the store are out for play and with How to Play videos online. 

Before becoming a part of our smart collection, products are reviewed and approved by scientists, neurologists, therapists, and other brain health experts.  In turn, Marbles BrainCoaches are trained on matters of the brain and make personal recommendations with these brain benefits in mind.

Products benefit at least one of our five brain-building categories.  Each category targets a key part of the brain and its function: Word Skills (Parietal Lobe), Memory (Temporal Lobe), Critical Thinking (Frontal Lobe), Visual Perception (Occipital Lobe), and Coordination (Cerebellum).

Shopping at a brain store is active, engaging, and fun! Marbles provides a hands-on shopping experience that allows customers to try every product in store. Whether you are looking for gifts, looking for ways to self–improve, or just dropping by to play, your brain is welcome here. 

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