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About Marbles: the Brain Store

We're a one-of-a-kind specialty store with a smart collection of hand-picked, expert-tested, certifiably fun ways to build better brains.

Our stores are designed to let you roll up your sleeves and get a little brainy while you play games, solve puzzles, try out gadgets and flip through books to find the right products for you and your favorite brains.

Our team is chock-full of smart, outgoing people who are passionate about learning new things and creating a fun, interactive environment where customers can reach their brain's fullest potential.

where we started

Our CEO Lindsay Gaskins and her brainy teammates started Marbles: The Brain Store with the simple idea of finding the best brain games out there and putting them all in one place. Not just products for aging baby boomers concerned about memory loss and Alzheimer's or those living with dementia and ADHD, but products for those who want to improve focus and attention, enhance creativity, become better multi-taskers and get the most out of the smartest supercomputer out there: the brain.

Our idea was supported by some pretty compelling research and mind-boggling advances in the field of neuroplasticity. So we went for it — opening a kiosk in May of 2008 and our first store in Downtown Chicago in October 2008. 

We continued to open more stores in the Chicagoland area and quickly expanded to Minnesota. Since 2010 we have opened stores in California, Delaware, Maryland, Massachusetts, Minnesota, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, and Washington. We are currently operating 28 brick and mortar locations and a full service e-commerce website featuring all of our brainy products!

We started Marbles: Brain Workshop, a division of Marbles, committed to the ideation and development of exclusive brainy products – after all, our brainy customers were telling us about products they were looking for that weren't yet on the market. These Marbles Original products have become huge hits as they've been featured in PARADE Magazine, WIRED, Real Simple, Parent Magazine, The TODAY Show, Martha Stewart Living, and Crain's Business Magazine. 

where we're going

Our goal is to Build Better Brains by bringing the smartest and most engaging selection of brain training products to as many people as possible. So we're not shy about saying we'd like to be all over the United States within the next 5 to 10 years. But, we want to do it right so we're very thoughtful and smart about our growth opportunities. We think we have something pretty smart here and want brains all over the world to ride the brain health train with us! 
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