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  • When the Rewards Program is live, simply log into your online account or sign up at one of our store locations to get started. Did we mention it's free?

  • $200 purchase = 200 points = $20 Reward
    In other words, you earn a $20 Reward for every $200 you spend in store or online.

  • Points are generated on all in-store and online purchases (less tax & shipping charges). So, you earn one point for every dollar you spend. 

  • However, points are returned when you make a return (but, don't worry! – we'll never take your balance below zero). It's only fair, right?

  • Rewards can be redeemed in store or online. You can redeem the full $20 Reward at once, or bank all or part of your Reward to be combined with future Rewards you earn. 


  • When the rewards program is open, you will receive an email the day after each Reward is earned with information on how to redeem your Reward.


  • Q) When will the Rewards Program be back up & running? 
    We want it back up and running as much as you do - trust us! We are so close we can taste it. 

  • Q) I'm an existing Rewards Member. What about my current points and rewards while the program is on pause?
    A) Your points and Rewards are safe and sound, and can't wait to be reunited with you soon! 

  • Q) When the program re-opens, can I use my current Rewards online? 
    A) Yes! Rewards will be redeemable online and you'll earn 

  • Q) If I have questions, who can I ask? 
    Just drop us an email at support@marblesthebrainstore.com or give us a call at 877-527-2460. We'll be happy to help answer any questions you may have. 

  • Q) What do I need to signup? 
    A) To sign up In store, just provide your first name, last name & email address.  To sign up online, sign up for an Online Account

  • Q) Do my Rewards or points ever expire? 
    A) No!

  • Q) How do I redeem a Reward online? 
    A) Enter your Reward Member ID # into the Gift Card field at online checkout. 

  • Q) How do I redeem a Reward in store? 
    A) Show the BrainCoach your Reward Earned email so that they can scan the barcode via your phone or printed copy. 

  • Q) When logged into my Marbles Online Account, how do I get to My Rewards Online Portal? 
    A) After you login, there is a link at the bottom of the Member Area Login screen. Click this link. If your Rewards Email address was previously linked to your Marbles Online Account, you will see your Rewards Balance and Points Balance information. If your Rewards Email address was not previously linked to your Online Account, you will see an error message. Please contact Customer Service to link your existing Rewards Account to your Marbles Online Account. 

  • Q) Not receiving Rewards emails, but you'd like to? 
    A) Email customer service and they can make sure they are going to the correct email address. 

  • Q) Receiving Rewards emails, but don't want to?
    A) You can opt-out from receiving Rewards emails by selecting the 'Unsubscribe' button from the bottom of a previously received email. You will still be a Rewards Member and can login to your Online Portal, but will no longer receive Reward email updates.


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