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Vendor Terms & Conditions

Table of Contents

1. Introduction

a. Handbook Purpose
b. What We're All About
c. "The Big 5"
d. Product Filter

2. Departments

a. Accounting
b. Inventory
c. Product Development

3. Shipping and Deliveries

a. Locations
b. UPS Account
c. Shipment Terms
d. Packing Slip
e. Over-shipment, Miss-shipments
f. Inspections

4. Pricing and Invoices

a. Purchase Price
b. Quantity

5. Receiving Damage and Defective Products

a. Protections of Goods
b. Storage
c. Revised Invoice
d. Credit Memo

6. Backorders

a. Order Revision

7. Store Demo

a. Required Credit
b. Payment

8. Warranties

9. General

a. Choice of Law
b. Attorney Fees
c. Waiver
d. Revisions

10. Questions

11. Demo Letter

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