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3Doodler PLA Plastic Clearly Awesome

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Plan ahead and never let your 3Doodler run out of ammo when you build up your plastic inventory with a pack of the 3Doodler PLA Clearly Awesome mixed pack.

This colorful kit includes five colors you wouldn’t want to doodle without! Draw anything your clever, artistic brain can think of when you use such colors as Clearly Clear, Clearly Blue, Clearly Green, Clearly Pink, and Glow Bug.

Now put the pen to the air and doodle like you just don’t care! You’re stocked and ready to go.

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The Idea

Draw on a flat piece of paper or literally right off of the page.

The Brains

Creativity breaks up conventional thinking & allows you to conceive new ideas.

The A-Ha

Bring your doodles into the next dimension with this 3D printing paintbrush.

Product Details

Brain Category
Recommended Age14+
Inside the Box
  • 5 strands of Clearly Clear
  • 5 strands of Clearly Blue
  • 5 strands of Clearly Pink
  • 5 strands of Clearly Green
  • 5 strands of Glow Bug
DepartmentVisual Perception